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Beige Thigh Anti-Chafing Bands with Small Flower Pattern

Beige Thigh Anti-Chafing Bands with Small Flower Pattern

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Elastic Lace Bands with non slip silicone that protect inner thighs and prevent chafing.

No more skin-to-skin rubbing, no more irritation, no more pain.

Ever suffer from annoying chafing or irritation in your inner thigh area? Does Thigh Rubbing make you dread wearing skirts and dresses in the summer? Not anymore. With the chic Protective Thigh Bands, you can wear any dress that you desire in the most effortless way possible.

look how beautiful these thigh protectors are

The Anti Chafing Thigh Bands are:

  • Made Of Beautiful Lace and Cover Well
  • Designed With Slip-Resistant Silicone
  • Can Be Discreet And Highly Functional At the Same Time

beautiful thigh protectors will help stop chafing

Discover The Benefits Of Protective Thigh Bands.

Protective Thigh Bands resemble sexy high-thigh tights without the added complications such as slipping. Frequent use of tights can also promote a humid and warm environment encouraging fungal and bacterial growth and this might be avoidable by wearing thigh protectors. The Protective Thigh Bands offer a welcome respite in that they are delicately crafted and cover only the area that needs to be protected. Rather than coming across as unsightly, they are aesthetic and decorative without revealing the true purpose that they actually serve.

two rows of non slip silicone on the anti chafing thigh protectors

close up of the non slip silicone


XS : 40-45cm

S : 45-50cm

M : 50-55cm

L : 55-60cm

XL : 60-65cm

2XL : 65-70cm

3XL : 70-75cm

How to Measure:

Measure the circumference of the fullest part of your thigh. Make sure that, when you circle your thighs, the tape is level and neither too tight nor too loose. Also measure yourself on your bare skin, not over clothes, while in standing position.  If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string or piece of twine then measure that flat against a ruler. If your measurement falls between the sizes we suggest choosing the smaller one.

While we highly recommend measuring your thighs – at least for your first pair, here is how sizes correspond with US pants size based on our customers feedback.

M – Pant Size 2-4

L – Pant Size 6-8

XL – Pant Size 10-12

2XL – Pant Size 14-16

3XL – Pant Size 18-20