That's right. Even if you buy one pair of shoes you will get completely FREE SHIPPING.

Every time. Even order for one pair of shoes nodules and get FREE SHIPPING!

Delivery of products usually takes 15 - 55 days depending on transit time, factory supply and your location.

Our shoes are very popular so occasionally there is a short delay while your shoes are made in the factory but they are normally shipped within a week from the order date.

Other times when there is likely to be a short delay are around the China holidays such as the last week in January for Chinese New Year and the first week in October for the National Days.

Example of shipped shoes

Below is an example of our shoes once they have been removed from the shipping bag which is normally a white opaque soft plastic bag.

When you first unpack them they may look a bit flat but once you have worn them for a short while they will hold their shape nicely.

nodule shoes in bubble wrap

shoes now unpacked

shoes opened out

shoes from the back